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Crack Willow Farm Free Range Pork

When it comes to creating a new business, it helps if you’re completely different to everyone else.

And different is exactly what Crack Willow Farm free-range pork is. Different because free-range pork only takes up 3% of the pork market in Australia and some, like Primo Smallgoods, have been less than honest with their interpretations of ‘free-range’.

The pork industry is the latest to come under the spotlight of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) crackdown on truth in food labelling. Primo Smallgoods, KR Castlemaine and Otway Pork all claimed that their pork was free-range, despite the fact that the pigs were raised indoors.

Crack Willow Farm Free Range Pork“Our pigs are genuinely free-range,’ said Chris Kelly, who along with his wife Bernice, run Crack Willow Farm, “they live entirely outside and are all in a part of the farm that is a regrowth area.”

The Kelly’s don’t come from a pig raising background, indeed they’re both tree-changers, abandoning real estate and public relations careers in the city for the greener pastures of the Central West.

With 40 acres of the property dedicated to the pigs, on which only 16 sows are currently living, the demand for their truly free-range pork has meant that the Kelly’s have had to carefully manage supply, to ensure that they can provide repeat business.

“We deliver directly to our customers in the inner west of Sydney and also to selected restaurants including Darley’s at Lillianfels in Katoomba and Hotel Centennial in Woolahra,” Chris said.

Crack Willow Farm has all the pork butchered and processed in Lithgow and they don’t use a distributor, preferring to keep their produce purely paddock to plate.

Crack Willow Farm Free Range Pork

“This allows us to develop a real connection with our clients,” Chris said, “We’re now increasing our stock levels to allow us to attend farmer’s markets such as Orange, Tarana and Carriageworks in Sydney.”

You can grab some genuine free-range pork at the Orange Region Farmers Market on Saturday the 12th of September from 8.30 to 12.30 in the Agricultural Pavilion at the Orange Showground, Leeds Parade, Orange.


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Article by: Mark Logan

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