Angry Mum on Breastfeeding

breast2You may have heard about a recent episode of channel 7’s Sunrise, where douche bag Kochie made a tool of himself by saying that breastfeeding mothers should be ‘more discreet’ and ‘be a bit classy about it’.

Kochie, as an expert in the subject of breastfeeding, suggested a couple of ways mothers could be more classy and discreet: sitting in a corner and turning their backs to people, and/or putting a blanket over their baby and the (disgustingly offensive) boobage.

My question to David Koch is: Why the hell should they have to? As far as I’m concerned, as long as the mother isn’t running around with her boob out squirting milk at random passers by (which is hilarious by the way), then it’s fine. If she is simply feeding her baby, it’s never inappropriate.

What he’s really saying is that he’s uncomfortable seeing a boob flopped out. That’s cool, I get it. Sometimes I see someone breastfeeding in a public area and think ‘whoa, that’s a lot of boob! I’m a wee bit uncomfortable and don’t know where to look.’ I feel this way because it’s simply not what I’m used to. Society tells us boobs are private and sexual.


But here’s the the thing – If I see a breastfeeding mother and feel weird and uncomfortable, it’s my problem. The fact that I’m not used to it doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t make the mother ‘less classy’. She’s doing what she needs to do in whatever way she feels comfortable. It’s ridiculous, given the purpose of breasts, that someone should expect a mother to hide herself away in a corner or cover up with a blanket. She doesn’t need to alter her behaviour – we need to alter our thought processes.

I think it’s fantastic that society is slowly changing to be more accepting of breastfeeding mothers. I’m glad most women (and a lot of men) are standing up and calling Kochie the douche bag he is. It’s a sign that we as a society are evolving.

Breasts exist to feed babies. Let’s all deal with it.




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  1. Well said! It is a sad state of affairs when we have to work so hard to normalise a natural part of life.

  2. Well said Denise. I find this whole argument difficult to fathom… I am completely and utterly baffled as to why the majority of people find the humble breast so offensive. My solution, look the other way. It seems these people are incapable of doing this and find themselves compelled to stare at the breastfeeding mother.

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Article by: Denise Mills

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