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P1020168You can tell the world is changing for the better, that people are conscious of what they’re eating and how it’s grown, when a grocery store dedicated to organic produce opens in Orange.

The Grocer and Co Organics is tucked nicely away in McNamara St between Summer St and Kite St and is the brainchild of owners Ellie and Guy Hampton. Before the Dotted Eight Cafe appeared diagonally across from the Grocer and Co Organics, McNamara Lane was just that lane that was a shortcut to Aldi or Vinnies, now it’s starting to develop it’s own little vibe.

“McNamara lane is a great little area, and it’s nice to be contributing the making the area more a hub – more people circulating in the area benefits all of the businesses in the street, including us. It’s a nice community focus,” explained Ellie.

Ellie and Guy moved to Orange from Canberra in 2012 and both have the perfect backgrounds to make Grocer and Co Organics a success.

Ellie’s parents own and run The Organic Wholefoods Store in Bowral and her mum Victoria is a Naturopath and Herbal Medicine Practitioner.

“Victoria has passed a great deal of her knowledge and philosophies on health and nutrition to Ellie,” Guy said.

As soon as you watch Guy examining the fresh produce, greeting customers or making a coffee, you can tell that here’s someone with a wealth of hospitality experience. For over 10 years Guy worked in the hospitality industry in Canberra and it’s here that he discovered the Two Before Ten coffee shop and roaster.

“The guys there are living breathing coffee beans,” he said. “They are boutique, roast us a delicious organic seasonal blend and are extremely reputable for their coffee. You can even have a pint of coffee lager at the pub next door from their café.”

Organics, along with wholefoods, are the main focus of the business and they source as much of their fresh produce from local supplier Gaskill Greens in Canowindra.

“Greg Koscanda  from Gaskill Greens is our number one main man on the organic veggie frontier. He and his lovely wife Katie are the most important because they believe in what they grow, they are local and most importantly are organically certified. Come summer Greg will supply a huge variety of delicious veggies the way they should be,” Guy said.

As the weather warms and more fresh produce becomes available, the Grocer and Co Organics range of goods will continue to expand. Already the fridges and freezers are bulging with organic delights and the gluten free section is substantial.

Already the cold-press juices are proving a hit, with the almond milk being extremely popular.

If you truly believe that you are what you eat, you simply can’t argue against the philosophy of organic and wholefoods. This is why a venue like Grocer and Co Organics is an exciting new development in Orange’s continuing food development.

Hopefully the Grocer and Co Organics will expand their lunchtime offerings to include some interesting takeaway salads, soups and sandwiches for those of us that crave not only healthy wholefood but food that’s more interesting than what many other venues offer.

Grocer and Co Organics

50 McNamara Lane, Orange 2800

Ph 6362 1222

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