How to Grow and Cook Zucchini

Let’s face it, zucchini is one of those veggies that you either love, or thoroughly despise. There aren’t too many people who are ambivalent to the poor old Zuke.

zucchiniA lot of people complain that they’re mostly water so what’s the point. Beer is mostly water too; water and love mainly, but mostly water.

Growing zucchini is really easy with the only problem being what to do with the innummerable zukes that just one plant will give you.

As a guide, if you’re a big zucchini eater a family of four could do with three plants, a couple, just the one.

I prefer the grey zucchini over the black as they tend to keep their shape better when cooked. As a plant they’re just as easy to grow as each other. I’ve never tried to grow the yellow ones, but apparently they’re less susceptible to mildew attack.

Plant into well fertilised and mulched soil, and because they’re mostly water, you’ll have to keep the water up to them. They grow to about 1.5m diameter so you’ll need to make sure they have room to spread. Only water in the morning as they’re terribly susceptible to powdery mildew.

Also keep an eye out for Japanese Pumpkin Beetles that look very much like ladybird beetles. You’ll find them skeletonising your zucchini leaves. Simply squash them.

Pick them when they’re about 15cm long for the best results.

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