How to add a post.

Here are the instructions on how to add a post to the Orange Post.

Firstly login by hitting the login button in the top menu and enter the details sent to you.

The rest really is quite simple and there are two ways of doing it.

One is to write your article on something like Word or any other word processor and paste it into here.

If you use Word click on the button that is underlined in the image below that has the ‘W’ on it.



Then paste your Word text into the box that pops up. This strips your word text from all the annoying hidden code that Word uses to format your work.

If you use Notepad or Wordpad or some such program, click on the ‘T’ and paste in your text.

That’s it really, I will format it and add any grammatical corrections if needed.

If you have any images to upload click on the ‘Add media’ button highlighted below.



You will then be presented with another screen like the one below.



Click on ‘Upload Files’ and you will be able to attach your images or drag them into the frame.

When they are all uploaded please REMOVE the ticks around the images and then click the X at the top right of the screen.

If you really want to you can add the images to your article but it’s not necessary.

That’s all you need do. I will then place the images, add some captions and it’s all done.