Late night trading – Punish the offenders

bar-fightThe topic on everyone’s mind at the moment seems to be the relation of alcohol fuelled violence to late night trading in pubs and clubs. In the view of others, if you’re going out drinking past 12am you are bound to get into a tussle with others. Some citizens are also saying that if the pubs and clubs close at 12am the violence is just going to spill on the streets and cause damage to everyone anyway. Well maybe everyone needs to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

I don’t think its the pubs fault that some people want to fight, they are just trying their best to make a fun and safe place for people to drink, it’s the individual that will cause a fight. Personally the last thing I want to be doing or seeing when I am out having a good time is fighting, I know majority of this town feels the same way and we also wonder why people that have been known to fight in various places are allowed back into the venue to do it again. Why should we all be punished for someone else’s issues? Going out in a place like Orange can be an ordeal, here is a few reasons why.

The first one is just how damn expensive it is to buy a beer at that hour, its stupid how much alcohol has sky rocketed over the past 5 years. I can buy a carton of beer with each drink costing $2 as opposed to $5, sometimes $6, at the pub, no wonder people are getting “loaded up” at home just to make it in time for curfew. Who can blame them when the cost of living is massive that when it comes to fun time, people want to do it cheap.royal1

The second reason why going out past 12am is risky in Orange is because there is only 3 places to go! In a town of what.. 45,000 plus people do you think that everyone is going to get along? No. Do you think that everyone has a rational mind set? No. Do you think that everyone has a rational mind set when they are drinking? Hell No!! Some people are just blowing their lid because that guy who said something or did something wrong to them is always there at every corner. The majority of pubs close at 12am anyway in Orange so the choices are very limited. Maybe have some of the other pubs in town stay open a little later?

And the third is that there are just people who want to fight, plain and simple. In the Central Western Daily a few weeks ago there was a gentleman leaving a venue in Orange and he was king hit in the side of the head for absolutely no reason what so ever, didn’t even know the guy, and what was the perpetrators punishment? He got suspended from his football team and sent to counselling. So a victim who is in hospital with a fractured skull is supposed to feel ok that the guy got kicked off his footy squad and sent to hug it out on a sympathetic shoulder?? Sorry but that is a bunch of bullshit!

There are droves of people who have been assaulted in a pub or club for no reason (myself included) and its insanity how these people get away with it. Isn’t there a law somewhere that states if another person hurts another person intentionally that they get charged to the full extent of the law? Maybe I’m mistaken. And why are they back at the pub the following week?

oxoI personally think that if someone thinks its okay to start fights in pubs and clubs at any point at any time, that person should not be allowed in ANY pubs or clubs as a punishment for a duration of 6 to 12 months according to the crime. This isn’t a decision that can be made by owners of pubs and clubs because money is more important, it needs to be the police or an outside affiliate.

What we need to understand is that there is going to be violence in our society, and our town isn’t really that bad compared to a lot of other places. Rules shouldn’t need to be made in black and white when the subject is so grey. How do we make our pubs and clubs violence free? You can’t, nobody can make anybody do anything, but what we can do is set punishments to offenders so it makes fighting not worth it any more and walking away a better option. What time pubs and clubs close shouldn’t matter.

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Article by: Albie Bevan