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Behind the evolution of the Orange food scene one operator has been instrumental in helping promote and develop regional produce to both locals and visitors.

That store was known as Totally Local, and it has now evolved into a new food and dining experience that is destined to become a major attraction.

The Agrestic Grocer, otherwise known as Lucas and Danielle Martin from  Canobolas Pure Health (Barefoot Wholefoods) and Katie and Beau from The Farmgate by Nashdale Fruit Company, are busily developing the old Totally Local site into its latest iteration.

The two organic and wholefood businesses have been working together for some time supplying freshly harvested and organic produce through the Canobolas Pure Health in the Orange Arcade. As their business relationship grew, the idea of developing a cafe-food store slowly grew.

“We’d heard that Graham, the owner of the Totally Local building, had been considering renting out the site so we approached him about it.” Lucas said.

From the moment of sealing the deal the renovations have been underway and the site is due to open, albeit in a very soft way, on the 29th of August.

Most of the work completed on the site, apart from the electrical work, has been done by volunteers with a large proportion of the materials recycled from the old coolroom and storage rooms.

“Most of the materials are 80 -90% recycled, and about 70% of those are from this site,” Lucas said.

A coffee table sitting in the cafe sports a thick solid timber top that was once the Robar Distribution’s desk and other recycled features, including fruit boxes, milled trees and an upturned fireplace are scattered around the three rooms.

The sites recycled and organic charm is already evident and the location’s heritage, such as the straw bale walls surrounding the cool room, have been opened for display.

Like the idea itself, the business pairs are allowing the store’s future to evolve and are keen to receive feedback as to what direction they should take.

“Over the next six months we want the community to help us turn it into what they want it to be,” Lucas said, “So what we stock in the shop will be based on what people want us to stock.”

Organic shoppers, slow-food lovers and those looking for local and heirloom products are all targets in the eyes of The Agrarians.

In the coming weeks The Orange Post will be revisiting The Agrarians – Agrestic Grocer to check out their menu, sample some Badlands Brewery beer and nibble on some Second Mouse cheese.

426 Mitchell Hwy, Orange NSW 2800

(02) 6360 4604

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Article by: Mark Logan

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