What is the Orange Post?

The Orange Post is a unique creature in the online world.

If you were to make a comparison with the printed world, the Orange Post would be similar to something like the Good Weekend in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The Orange Post has opinions, politics, reviews, recipes, arts, entertainment and popular culture all produced here in Orange by local writers.

The Orange Post is a community blog, it is designed to give those who have always had something to say, somewhere to say it.

A unique aspect of the Orange Post is that anyone can write for us. If you’ve ever considered yourself as a writer, register with us and we’ll send you the details on how to submit your first article.

On the Orange Post you’ll read articles as diverse as growing your own food in a cool climate to the threat of Indian Mynahs to our local ecology.

You’ll find movie reviews written by local culture vultures, updates from the local theatre companies about what’s happening, concert performances, musician and band profiles, artist and photography galleries.

The writing doesn’t have to be local to Orange either. Here you’ll find stories as diverse as breastfeeding in public to being the recipient of experimental malarial drugs in London.

You’ll find artists, economists, sports people, solicitors, health professionals, teachers, students, musicians, chefs, cooks and any other field of endeavour all in the one spot, posting about what they know and love.

Here at the Orange Post you’ll find restaurant reviews and lunchtime specials. There will be our guides to the best of all our favourites. The best coffee, the best citrus tart, the best BBQ chicken, steak or take-away hamburger in Orange.

The Orange Post is a blog hub, a place where other bloggers can post their latest articles and a place where people interested in certain subjects can begin their search.

Above all the Orange Post is about giving everyone a voice. Every group in Orange can create a page here on the Orange Post. On it they can add photos, stories, events, advice and anything else that fits within our fairly liberal posting guidelines.

What the Orange Post isn’t.

The Orange Post isn’t a newspaper. It’s not meant to be. The CWD does that job and it does it well. The Orange Post is simply a place where everyone else can hang out and post comments, write an article and get involved in the community in a completely new way.